The name Babcock Scandinavian AirAmbulance is new from 2016. The company itself is not new and was previously known as Lufttransport AB. Lufttransport AB started its first helicopterbase in Stockholm in 2001 with good experience from its sister company in Norway that was founded in 1955 and have since then been operating air ambulance (both helicopters and airplanes), Coast Guard, charter, and marine-pilot transportation.

As the time has passed, the company has won several air ambulance contracts in Sweden.
Fly Partners i Luleå AB, with Henry Hansen as principal owner, purchased Lufttransport AB in September 2007 of the previous owner Norsk Helikopter (who was the owner of both Lufttransport AS in Norway and Lufttransport AB in Sweden). As a result of this purchase, Lufttransport AB and AS got different owners and became separated.

Henry Hansen previously worked at Lufttransport AS and started up the Swedish part in 2001 and is therefore familiar with the company.

In 2014 the company was aquired by Babcock International Group and part of MCS, Mission Critical Services. 


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